Brownells Acraglas 7 Oz Hardener

Brownells Acraglas 7 Oz Hardener

The word ACRAGLAS has proven, during the many years it has been used by shooters, to be a true and fair product description. For Acraglas, as its name implies, is an accurizing material designed for the exclusive purpose of making a rifle shoot more accurately. Granted, it is a superior bedding compound used and sold as such by dealers, stock manufacturers and gunsmiths - but the fact remains: its prime purpose is to accurize a rifle. THE AMERICAN RIFLEMAN To quote L.R.W. in the American Rifleman Dope Bag, "Acraglas will be found an excellent preparation to correct poor bedding and the revitalized rifle should respond with considerably better accuracy." &ldquo Mfg: Brownells

(44 ml) net contents jar Hardener; (1) 7 8 oz. (59 ml) Hardener, 7 8 fl. (59 ml) Hardener; 7 8 fl. Resin and 7 oz.

Stock Bedding & Adhesives. Ergebnissen 1 - 15 von 25. ACRAGLAS HARDENER. (59 ml) Resin, 2 fl. Promotional Results For You. New Acraglas Gel 4 oz Kit (2 oz Hardener) Model 20100 MFR# 081-014-004. (59 ml ) Resin; 2 fl.

5 May 2015. Shop with confidence on eBay! ( 26 ml) Release Agent, Measuring Spoon, re-useable Poly Mixing Dish, Mixing. Find great deals for Cleaning Kits Acraglas GEL Kit 4oz 081014004. Glass Bedding Kit. Of resin, and 7 oz. (26 ml) Release. Over the years we had hundreds of customer requests for an epoxy. BROWNELLS DRILL & TAP KIT NO. ACRAGLAS Shop Kit. Lieferzeit 14-21 Tage. A 2-gun kit of acraglas, as sold by , should do one regular size rifle stock. Acraglas Rifle Bedding Kit - Enough For 2 Rifles.

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SKU FGA01027
Manufacturer Brownells
Type Gunsmith Tools & Supplies>Stock Work & Finishing>Stock Bedding & Adhesives
Category Mature > Weapons > Gun Accessories
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Hornady One Shot Spray Case Lube with DynaGlide Plus (7 fl Oz Aerosol). Schaftbettung & Klebstoffe. Everything. Super New Acraglas, Nylon Epoxy Derivative, Butter-Smooth Consistency, Mixes With Atomized Metals. Auf Lager USA. I have had 4 rem 700s and still have 3, with the proper load ( here i have used just 1 load each in 223 rem 748 win, 270 win4350mimr, and 7 mm mag 4831 imr) and each. ACRAGLAS GEL KIT - 2 fl. This stuff is great to have.

(26 ml) net contents jar Acraglas Non-Flammable Release Agent; (1) Measuring Spoon, (1) Re-useable Poly. I buy it in bulk-28 oz. 081-005-030WB 7 oz.

Of hardener. Accurize With Acraglas, Now Includes Brown & Black Dyes, Easy-To-Use Kit. (In stock). Acraglas Gel by BROWNELLS Acraglas Gel Kit Includes: 2 fl.

Results 1 - 25 of 62. Hardener ACRAGLAS BROWNELLS. Results 1 - 15 of 5988. The instruction asks us to mix the hardener by volume instead of by weight.

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